Change Your Name

By using one of our Deed Poll services, legally changing your name by Deed Poll is easy, straight forward and stress-free.The easiest and most popular way to change your name in the United Kingdom is by Deed Poll. This legally binding document is also commonly known as a “Change of name Deed.”

At Aakwa Group we offer a range of comprehensive Deed Poll Services, which include Adult, Child and Replacement Deed Poll Service.

Our team of experienced Paralegals hand draft each Deed Poll and Certified Copies. With each service, you receive easy to follow guides on how to witness and use your Deed Poll.

We also Guarantee that our Deed Polls will be accepted by the GovernmentBanksDVLA Passport Office.

Step 1.  Apply Online

Applying online from just £9.99 using our secure checkout only takes a matter of minutes. We accept both Visa Debit / Creditcards, Mastercard and American Express(AMEX).

Once completed you will receive confirmation by E-mail.


Step 2.  Drafted by our Paralegals

We have a highly experienced team of Paralegals that will hand draft your Deed Poll and any Certified copies that you order.

They know what will be accepted and what won’t be accepted, which is why we Guarantee that any Deed Poll drafted by us will be accepted everywhere.

Step 3.  Checked by Quality Control

Once your Deed Poll and Certified copies have been drafted they will then be passed to quality control.

This means that your Deed Poll is vigorously checked for any errors and to ensure that all documents are correct and legally binding.


Step 4.  You receive everything by post

You will then receive your professionally drafted Deed Poll, Certified Copies (if ordered) and our easy to use guides via Royal Mail post.

Standard delivery is free, but if you want it sooner, you can select 1st Class delivery at the checkout.

Step 5.  Witness your Deed Polls

You can then get your Deed Poll signed and witnessed.

We will guide you as who can  witness your Deed Poll.


Step 6.  Send out your Deed Polls

You will need to send your Deed Poll off, along with a cover letter (Example cover letter is included with this service).

That’s it; you have legally changed your name.